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Empowering women is formidable. In today's society, we acknowledge that it is the key to social transformation. World leaders, scholars, experts and celebrities alike are giving their voice to this critical endeavour.
Astonishingly, the exact opposite is true on the ground. Rather than uplifting and empowering girls and women as the most powerful force for transformation and progress, horrific violence is perpetrated against them...every minute, every hour, every day.

For too long, survivors of sexual assault and harassment have remained in the dark. Women have been afraid to speak up, to say ‘Me Too’ and seek accountability. For many, the consequences of doing so have been devastating.

This is where Élevé takes a stand

Eleve Takes A Stand

As a company, Élevé strongly believes that we should use our privileges to serve other people. The ethos of the brand promotes elevating women in all aspects of life. 

So how do we empower girls and women? And what exactly is women’s empowerment? Our work falls into two categories.

We aim to empower women through fashion. The fashion industry has commendable influence on female image, so we acknowledge that empowerment is a continual process.

By supporting Rape Crisis England and Wales, we hope to amplify the voices of women, and men, and wider issues surrounding female disadvantage, to influence social policy and stop the horrific treatment towards women in modern society. While we focus on the needs of women and girls, we fully acknowledge that men and boys also experience rape and sexual violence and that the impacts on their lives are also devastating and long-lasting.

It is possible that women who may have disregarded minor and major grievances, may feel empowered enough to pursue them.

By supporting the charity, we are able to increase awareness of the continuing epidemic of rape and sexual assault, aiming to encourage a society where women can finally say


10% of all annual proceeds will be donated to:

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